Friday, September 4, 2009

Isn't she cute?

Last night we brought home a new addition to our family. I'd like you meet Jazz.
Four weeks ago when we went "home" for haircuts, Joanne was nursing 4 kittens (since they were 3 weeks old) who lost their momma. Our daughter decide it was time to have a kitten since we haven't had one for a while. The kittens were not ready to leave the attachement of each other as they were only 5 weeks old. I thought Nicole may forget about the little kittens by the time our next appointment rolled around or they would be spoken for and sadly there would be none left for us.
Guess what? There were still three left. Well actually there was only one available as Joanne was keeping one and the other was a male kitten (which was not an option) so one little kitten remained up for adoption.
I don't recall saying, "Yes, we can take one home" but by the time we were ready to go, the last little female kitten was adopted.
I was wondering how our Chocolate Lab - Boston would make out with a kitten.
Boston was curious about this little fur ball and once he could check her out thought it might be nice to have a playmate. Now for Jazz, the feelings are not mutual. Boston gets along fine with Jazz and there won't be any problems once Jazz is old enough to be declawed (don't worry, Jazz will be a spoiled indoor cat)
Have a great holiday weekend.

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