Monday, September 14, 2009

My Mystery Card

I cannot say I am a big Halloween lover but my friend and super talented upline Heather Summers absolutely loves it. She goes all out in decorating for this fun occassion.
I tend to decorate for Autumn and when the kids were small, I loved to dress them up in fun custumes (not a fan of scary ones).
On Saturday we had our donwline meeting and it is always fun to get together and share our lives and love of stamping with one another.
Heather gave everyone the same materials (precut and prestamped) and each of us had to come up with a card. It is amazing that not one of us had the exact same card after we were finished with the "Mystery Card". This is my Halloween Card.
We have an organized card swap and this month was "Christmas" so over the next few days, I will posting some of the fabulous cards from the "Simply Stars" team who participated.
Martha demonstrated a workshop featuring Stampin' Pastels, Heater B demonstrated a WOW project, Renee prepared the make' n take and Jodie and Martha organized the swap. Along with refreshaments and prizes with have a fun, full meeting and leave feeling pumped to promote Stampin' Up!, inspired by the new techniques and connected to our frienships we have developed. I just love being a member of Simply Stars.
Now if you know me you will know that I am a bit shy and do not particularly enjoy speaking in front of people and next month at our meeting, I am presenting the WOW project (yikes). I am knowledgable about what I am doing it is just the talking...sometimes my mind is working faster than my lips (or vise versa) and my words are not coming out the way they are suppose to. However, I am excited and looking forward to doing it and I know that the more I do it the better I get.

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  1. Hi Dale,
    Like you I'm not into halloween but I like this card. the image and sentiment are quite funny. I love your backing card with the curved sides and the stiching.
    Fiona x