Friday, December 4, 2009

Tree Ornament Tutorial Part 2

Apply glue dots to each of the corners of the 2 1/4" square and secure with aplique pins in each corner to form the bottom of the tree ornament. Smooth out the paper as best as you can; there will be a few wrinkles but it is not noticable when you are finished.
You will add your first rowe of triangles by placing a triangle to cover the square corner of the first piece (bottom) as shown in the photo.
I know a video tutorial would have been best but I am not a "techy" person and haven't figured that out day.

You will alternate colour/pattern on each row. This time you will place your second colour/pattern of triangel between the previous layer and slightly above as shown.


There will be four triangles used for each rowe and three rowes of each colour of triangles.

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