Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Birthday Tote

I wanted something really special to go along with the gift for my good friend and hair stylist JoAnne. I know it is not the same as getting a cake baked for you but I think this is super cute and fun. I made this with the new "In-Colours" but I used a limited edition designer paper (meaning it is no longer available) just becasue JoAnne is special.
I am not the genius' behind this project, (that would be Heather and Nichole) but I love it. I am so excited to offer this as a Birthday Class that I couldn't wait to show this to you and I don't even have the details such as the "when" and "cost" and which designer paper we will use figured out yet. I will stay with use a colour scheme suitable for male and female alike.
The Birthday Package Class consists of a cake tote which holds the cake mix, sprinkles and cupcake picks to decorate the cake. An icing wrapper and a birthday card.
Another clever idea is that the cake mix and icing container slips right out of the packaging which allows the recipiant to reuse this for someone else. The gift that keeps on giving.

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