Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wish Big

This is another birthday card I made with the students on Monday. I think the fabulous spring weather we were having brought out the bold brights and makes me smile.
My biggest fear is forgetting something at home that I need to make the card as planned. Guess what? I forgot the small and large wheel I had planned on using for the orange and turquoise on this card. My plan was to teach the students how to use the wheel using the same colour ink as the cardstock but the card turned out fine anyways.
In hind sight everything worked out becasue this gave a more relaxed lunch for the students. I have to remember to make the cards clean and simple as they do have to eat their lunch in ten minutes and then have 40 minutes to stamp two cards.
The kids were happy wioth their cards anyways and that is what counts.

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