Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love my Paper Storage Unit Tower

I do not have a stamp/craft room and I do not expect to have one anytime soon however I am taking over the family room slowly.
I am so excited I have to show you what my dear husband built for me. I love it!
It houses 40 colours of paper and fits 12 x12 paper. Now if you are doing your math, everyone knows Stampin' Up! has 48 classic colours 6 In Colours and 6 Neutral Colours and then there is DSP and also 12 Naturals so I am short at least 32 shelves plus all the DSP I have :)
I did inform my husband that I need at least 48 shelves before he started. After this was finished he said he was not making another one (It was very time consuming cutting each groove into the boards to fit the shelves) :(
So now I have my paper in the storage tower but the colours are doubled up and I still have a stack of DSP that does not have a home yet. Lance knows how organized I am and that this would bother me immensely so ...because he loves me, he is going to build me another one. Actually while he is at it, he might as well make me two more. This will give me 120 shelves and each colour will have it's own shelf :)
I think over all it will save me money because #1 I won't order paper I don't need and #2 I will use up the DSP before it retires becasue I can see it and it is at my finger tips.
Thanks Lance.

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